The Davis Registry "D.S.Y.C.B."
(genuine Davis Stuff You Can Buy)

  A project we did complete is these cool Davis metal signs, utilizing an exact reproduction of the Davis Sales/Service logo in color! Our high quality signs measure 14-inches in diameter, and can be purchased for $25. plus postage.

In 2001 our new shirts were produced. The new shirt, also in yellow, but a slightly darker hue, features for the first time a Davis Military Vehicle. The usual Davis script logo is at the top, in black, and is merged with a Davis Divan coupe with the top off. Below, to the left side of shirt is a front view of the Divan coming at the viewer, a drawing by the son-in-law of Bill Miller, car #2 “Delta” owner. The Davis Military is at the bottom - a side view lifted from the factory specifications from the company. The three views surround the words “THREE WHEELS” in block letter. The back of the shirt features the usual reward offer, but this time the reward has been upped to $200.00. (We have not had to pay anything on this yet! (Oops, that’s wrong now!)
Shirt prices will remain at $15.00 each, or three or more, $13. per shirt, postpaid. All sizes, XL, L, M, and S are in stock, but to be sure of current size availability, we advise DSYCB purchasers to contact us by phone, (734) 434-5581 or E-mail:, before ordering. As of September 12, 2004, the stock stands at Small=3, Medium= 2, Large=8 and XLarge=8.

(CONDITION: 1 = as new, 2 = 1 blemish, 3 = dirty, 4 = torn, 5 = bedraggled)

Stocks are getting lower on the factory literature. Prices may be found to rise due to diminished stock on these items. These are original, 55-year-old items, produced under Davis Motorcar company authorization. If you should find a discrepancy between prices in this publication and the website listing, the prices listed here are effective with the date of this publication and will prevail.

DL1 = Davis Three-Wheel Engineering Triumph, 8.5 x 11, 2-color folder feaures 4 women in car #1, mailer face imprinted for Anderson Motors, unfolds three times from 1/2 fold to 17 x 22 max, with color accents.
DL1-1 (condition 1 = aged but like new condition)......7 more in stock................$45.00
DL1-2 (condition 2 = show some slight dirt, and folds) sold out…………………

DL2 = Davis 3-Wheel “Divan Sedan,” 8.5 x 11 single sheet, card stock, 2-color
DL2-1 = (condition 1 = aged but like new condition) 51 in stock................................$20.00
DL2-2 = (condition 2 smudge to the side, poss. from printing), 21 in stock................$15.00
DL2-3 = (condition 3, somewhat dirty, but presentable), one in stock.........................$10.00

DL3 = “Divan Sedan,” 8.5 x 11 single sheet, single fold piece, with rustic fence on front.
DL3-4 = (all are condition 4, all were torn at lower right in handling, a few have small dirty spots, or a small flaw on edge........................................7 in stock....................................$20.00

(All Davis literature is original at this date, Sunday, September 12, 2004. Prices are set to be reasonable for the market but high enough to benefit the continued financial stability of the Davis Registry.

Persons should order a copy of DReg. Bulletin #17, a 17-page index of all hobby publications put out in the interest of Davis cars, in order to peruse the subjects that might be of interest to them. Our library has copies of ALL Davis Three Wheel Club of America (ca. 1978-1990) publications AND all Davis Registry publications (ca. 1993-2003). Arrangements for desired back copies may be made by E-mail:, or by phone: (734) 434-5581, but we STRONGLY SUGGEST that you get a copy of the index, which we will send to you for $4.00.
Caution: some of the file back copies have interesting technical articles and historical articles from other publications, whereas some others have very little material of value to the serious collector or historian.

Factory video (with some other stuff);
Ann Arbor local action with #2 and #6, and combination of both.
We now offer only one consolidated video, TV-4. It contains all video and film footage previously sold in one package..........$30.00 We also now have TV-4 on DVD disc, (one in stock) for $35.00 each. Postpaid.

Please keep in mind that all funds go to help financially support the activities of the Davis Registry and publication of the Davis Registry Bulletin. Make all checks payable to: The Davis Registry. No credit cards accepted. Personal check only.

Order from:
The Davis Registry
6487 Munger Road
Ypsilanti TWP, Michigan 48197-9014

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